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What is FTX Fund

FTX Fund is a blockchain platform operating under FTX Finance LTD, conceived with a mission to create a massive foundation in the blockchain industry. Therefore, the ultimate goal that FTX Fund wants to achieve is building an ecosystem that allows a maximum in inclusivity. The core goal of the project is to trade tokenized assets, allowing everyone to invest in assets that were historically out of reach.

FTX Finance is an integral member of the Financial Technology Group which is listed on the Nasdaq , hence fully accountable for all commitments being made.

FTX Finance issues tokens (FTXF) as an intermediary co-guarantor for its core ecosystems, as well as supporting related financial services such as: investment, cross-border remittance, or other fintech-related services. FTX Fund's goal is to create an inclusive ecosystem that allows anyone to invest in tokenized assets such as real estate, stocks, within one single platform that also includes a payment gateway.

FTX Fund's Smart Contract platform is programmed based on the next generation BSC platform by a technical team with experience in Blockchain technology.

The security of the system of Smart Contracts passed an independent multi-day audit process by: HEACHI AUDIT

Cornerstones of the FTX FUND Ecosystem

Decentralized Exchange

We aim to establish a new technology-based financial trading platform for professional traders. New features in technology platform and gameplay will be realized in the WOWIDEX marketplace.

Tokenized Real-Estate – Tokenization of Everything

The project is looking for a market solution in the future just a stock. It will be of course also possible to tokenize real estate such as stocks as well as practically any commodity such as precious metals. The vision is maximum inclusivity on both the type of investors with access and all imaginary assets to exchange or invest in.

FTX Fund is creating a new system of selling or marketing real-estate products that are to change the mindset of real-estate builders and brokers.Anyone can own real-estate globally with just one click. Digital real-estate, also known as crypto real-estate, is gradually gaining popularity around the world.

FTX Fund will deploy the blockchain-based DIASPLAT ecosystem to digitize and transact real-estate globally so you can own real estate in fractions without the need of large upfront capital expenditure, and no more hurdles to join the table.

Tokenized Realestate represents the convergence of real estate investing and blockchain technology. Tokenization helps asset or fund owners raise capital more efficiently, and gives investors unprecedented access to private real estate investments, transparency, and liquidity. It opens the door to a new set of buyers.

Next Generation E-Commerce

The ONSTORA Ecosystem makes it easy for users to shop through worldwide links. FTX Fund integrates smart card technology with payment systems of intermediaries such as Visa, Mastercard, and Unipay to make FTX Fund payments in fiat currencies in more than 180 countries. will focus on reverse auction programs and international financial liquidity to develop this product. Reverse auctions will drive innovation and empower buyers as it increases transparency, saves time and enables buys at substantial lower prices.

International Payment Card and Gateway

FTX Fund creates a payment gateway (PAYGATE) with the aim of leveraging global financial resources. PAYGATE aspires to become an all-in-one, multi-system payment method. At the core of this pillar is the Payment Card. The payment card will be a supporting product for the Payment Gateway. This service helps to pay for everyday products and services around the world by paying in cryptocurrency.


Financial freedom has never been so simple. You use FTX Fund tokens to buy and sell goods on more than 20 exchanges worldwide and as payments on the FTX Fund business social network pay for millions of hotel systems around the world and book tickets on hundreds of airlines. Experience instant trading with FTX funds ATMs.


FTX FUND TEAM – Raising the bar once more with an exceptional line up.

The team of FTX Fund is not but stellar, raising the bar for the DeFi space with low or no profiles across the board. Advisory and Core Team: FTX Fund has leading experts, hand-selected within the highly sought after Digital Transformation space of Cloud Computing, several team members bring the combined experience of more than a decade transforming businesses of all sizes with Fortune 500 companies as Salesforce or/and as Blockchain Expertise. Furthermore with a strong Blockchain Partner in ICOboosters rounds this All Stars Team up. All this adds up to an unprecedented range of expertise and an ability to execute that is so crucial for any ambitious blockchain project.

Jonathan Austin
New Technology Advisor
Jonathan has more than 20 years of experience in IT, including Consulting and Solutioning
He was associated with tech giants like IBM, Oracle, and SAP, dealing with large clients with massive technology infra and B2B applications portfolio.
Hands-on experience in emerging technologies Low-code Platforms, Blockchain, SaaS, micro-services eco-systemStrong in Agile development practice and digital business transformation.
Winston Donk
Strategic Advisor
Winston joins the team with two decades of expertise in digital transformation working for leading Cloud software/ Technology companies in the S&P 500. He is a partner at ICO Booster where he serves as a trusted transformation & performance advisor in the Crypto/ Blockchain industry to help with core challenges and achieve strategic objectives. His winning formula enables companies to accelerate their customer acquisition exponentially and outshine the competition.
Chief Executive Officer
Paul comes on board with over ten years of remarkable expertise working with leading Cloud/ Technology companies in the S&P 500 like SasS, LinkedIn, Salesforce, etc. He has been a Partner at ICO Booster since 2018, where he is part of an impressive fundraising track record, which he subsequently received accolades for raising $67 million in six months (N1 ICO in Q1/2019).
Chief Marketing Officer
Frank has a wealth of experience in providing advice and support to Blockchain projects and crypto businesses around the world. His shrewdness in digital marketing and branding has inspired numerous projects in Cryptoshere.
He is on the advisory team of a number of projects where his inputs are instrumental in shaping them on the right path of growth. Frank is a graduate of Bocconi, Florida International University (FIU) and the London Business School.
Chief Finance Officer
Cornelius graduated from the Capetown School of Technology, with a degree in Project Management. He has extensive experience in project management in education and financial technology, joining FTX Finance as CFO position.
Chief Technology Officer
Paul represents the company's cornerstone of the technology team. He is incredibly passionate about tech of all kinds, a developer and he has many years of interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
Chief Legal Officer
Evan graduated with a major in international law. He has many years serving projects as the head of the legal department. Evan coming to FTX Finance will contribute to standardizing the legal system, legal documents of the company.
Oksana Belousova
Chief Information Officer
With more than 12 years of experience in marketing and sales of banking and insurance business. Since the end of 2015, I have focused on digital assets, becoming a crypto enthusiast. I am currently an experienced ICO/STO/IEO/IPO/DeFi/DAO/Fintech/NFT strategy specialist. To date, I have participated in more than 50 crypto projects.


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About Cryptocurrency FTXF

Freezing & Stake: 42%
Reserve Fund: 18.2%
Development Team: 15%
Marketing: 10%
Exchange: 5%
Public Sale: 3.5%
Angel investors & partners: 3%
Advisory and legal board: 1.8%
Community Development: 1.5%
TOTAL SUPPLY: 100.000.000
CONTRACT: 0xd90f0846b9d0f371b35a9fe89102c306458aa56f
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